Testimonials for Dr. Alnaif in Chesapeake, VA


"Dear Dr. Alnaif,
Thank you so much for everything over the past year! I can't thank you enough for making sure Jax and I made it through the C-Section safely. He is my world! I also want to thank you for helping with fixing most of the issues relating to the IC and of course for the botox injections and surgery! You literally changed my life! I am forever grateful for you!"
- Ashley S.
"I was a patient of Dr. Alnaif from 2002-2011; she delivered both of my children and also treated me for other chronic medical conditions that I had previously had no relief until seeing her. After moving away, I have not been able to find a provider that even comes close to the bar she has set in what I expect from a doctor. Yes, the wait times were long, but when it came to my appointment, she took her time. I didn't mind waiting because I knew the same care and time she was spending with the patient before me, she was going to spend addressing my concerns. I have recommended her to many of my friends that were looking for a great OB/Gyn and they all rave about her as well, many had struggled with pelvic pain for years with no relief until seeing her. I hope to one day return to the area and resume my care with her again."
- Michelle R.
"Dear Dr. Alnaif,
You are the most amazing woman I have ever met. I am honored to have met you and learn from you. My journey through medicine has been long and even torturous at times and I now know why. I have never had a role model. After my first day with you I became re-inspired. You reminded me why I wanted to get into this field, and the rewarding feelings it brings. I thank you for that. You are so happy and vibrant and so so so intelligent. I aspire to be like you, and I look up to you. I wish I was a little more prepared as a student fro your rotation, but I will owe all my future success to you and will always sing your praises. You have a big heart and endless compassion. Your husband is a lucky man. Your patients are blessed with an angel and you grace everyone with greatness, and beauty.
Dr. Alnaif: Amazing Wife, Amazing Mother, Amazing Teacher, Amazing Physician, Amazing Creativity, Amazing Person.
You're an inspiration to women and all physicians.
Thank you for inspiring me."
- Faun